TW House Mixes

Some time ago, due to polite hassling from various quarters, I began uploading and posting links to a bunch of House mixes recorded between 1993 and 1996. So, for those of you who wish to re-live those sweat-soaked luv'dup all-nighters, here they are... This is work in progress, as the recordings come from cassettes and require re-formatting to mp3, plus I don't know how many there may be, so you'll need to check back here occasionally. I will also post more up-to-date mixes, as and when they appear.
Clicking on the links will take you to the Internet Archive where you can listen and/or download.   If you wish to download a file then I suggest that you click where it says VBR ZIP in the box on the LHS of the page.  This will pack the music in a groovy zip folder which will make the download considerably quicker than... blah blah blah...

TW Mix - April 1993

TW Mix - Aug 1993

TW Mix - Oct 1993

TW Mix - Jan 1994

TW - Butterfly World Party - 28 Jan 1994 (incomplete set)

TW Mix - Feb 1994

TW Mix - Sept 1994

TW at Golden Hill Fort - 10 Dec 1994 (incomplete set.)

TW Mix - March 1995

TW Mix - Feb 1996


Barn Booty-Bump Mix - Dec 2011