Mixes For Download

The first 30 minutes of a 90 minute live set,  recorded at the launch of Bambaataa club night at The Blacksheep Bar, Ryde, Isle Of Wight on 2 Feb 2013.

Download it here

Playing at around 60 minutes, this is an Afro-Latino Agogogo (ish) mix.  Lots of fun in the sun!

Download it HERE

A one hour,dubby, downtempo world lounge mix representative of the sounds I played as resident DJ in the Chez Mourad Marquee during Ventnor Fringe Festival, August 2011.

Download it Here.

A 22'ish minute mix that plays at around 112BPM. Mainly Balkan Beats but also includes a taste of the Middle East and a crazy Nu-Cumbia track.

1. Habibi Min Zaman - Balkan Beat Box (BBB Remix)
2. Disco Boy - Shantel
3. Walk Like an Egyptian (Kairo Mix) - Wilman De Jesus
4. Balkany & Flowers - Zeb
5. La Inconformable - Binary Cumbia Orchestra
6. Miorita - Zdob Si Zdub

Download it HERE

Here is the 10 Minute MadMashup that the Headfunk guys played on their Vectis Radio show.
Eight tracks mashed into ten stompin' minutes.  A mix to make  you  smile.

Download it HERE


We see the world through the binoculars of the people... no I don't know what it means either.  Anyway here is a 30 minute mix which begins in Austria with the feisty Fatima Spar and finishes up in Lebanon with a stomping Said Mrad remix of a Rida Boutros track.  Enjoy!

1) Fatima Spar Und Die Freedom Fries - Egyptian Ella
2) Various Artists - Musika Dika
3) Csokolom - Amari Szi Amari
4) R.E.G. Project - Bellylicious
5) Shamur - Groove India
6) Buraka Som Sistema - Wegue Wegue
7) Balli Di Gruppo - Mueve La Colita
8) Rida Boutrous - Moustafa Ya Moustafa (Said Mrad Club Mix)

Download it HERE

Banging, brass-driven Balkan music always brings a smile to my face and makes me wanna jump around like a lunatic. Here is a 30 minute mix straight outta the leaping laptop. On it you will find such luminaries of the genre as Al Lindrum & His Magic Hat, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Balkan Beat Box, Mahala Rai Banda and Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars.  I challenge you not to to dance...

Download it HERE